How to build pib

pib – our printable intelligent bot – consists of 130 printable parts and several non-printable parts.

pib is made up of individual components that are equivalent to human body parts. Your first step will be putting together these components following our building manuals. In a next step, you will assemble all the components to create the complete robot.

You are completely free to choose the order in which you build pib.

However, we have created a small guide suggesting the order of assembly that we have found to be the easiest. Feel free to use it.

How to build pib
How to build pib

Follow our guide and learn how to assemble pib.

Step 1a
Step 1a – Software

Start with pib´s software.

You find the tutorials here:

Step 1a
Step 1b – Head

Continue with building pib´s head.

You find the tutorial here:

Step 1c
Step 1c – Motor calibration

Whenever you will need to insert a motor to pib, it is necessary to calibrate them first.

You find the tutorial here:

Step 1d
Step 1d – Neck

Last step in part 1 is pib´s neck.

You find the tutorial here:

Step 1 summary
Summary Step 1

If you have followed our instructions, you should now have this structure ready after step 1:

Step 2a
Step 2a – Finger

Start with building pib´s finger.

You find the tutorial here:

For one hand you should build 5 identical finger.

Step 2b
Step 2b – Hand

Continue with building pib´s hand.

You find the tutorial here:

Info: Our tutorial is made for buildingthe right hand of pib´s.

Step 2c
Step 2c – Forearm

Continue with building pib´s forearm.

You find the tutorial here:

Step 3a
Step 3a – Internal body

Start with building pib´s internal body.

You find the tutorial here:

Step 3b
Step 3b – Upper Body/Ripcage

Continue with building pib´s ripcage – the upper body.

You find the tutorial here:

Step 4
Step 4 – Shoulder joint

Continue with building pib´s shoulder joint.

You find the tutorial here:

Step 5
Step 5 – Elbow

Continue with building pib´s elbow.

You find the tutorial here:

Step 6
Step 6 – Assemble pib´s parts

In the last step, we assemble all pib´s parts together

You find the tutorial here:


You did a great job, pib is assembled!

Share your experience with us and join us on Discord!

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You will also need some non-printable parts like motors, screws, camera, wires, etc.

If you do not have it yet, you can buy our pib.Box Master in our shop:

The pib.Box Master contains all non-printable parts to build pib with one arm. If you wish to build a second arm, you will find everything you need for that in the pib.Box Grower.

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