How to build pib´s finger

We have created a simple guide that you can use to assemble pib’s finger. Feel free to use it.

Before you can start you have to print the finger parts as shown in the table below.

pib’s finger consists of 5 printable parts and is assembled in 4 steps. For one hand, you should build 5 identical finger, so print each part 5 times.

Build it better
Build it better: our suggestion for assembling pib
Printable parts – Overview
Step 1

Cut a piece of 90 cm length of the fluorocarbon string and insert it into D08 as shown in the picture.
Tie a simple knot at the end. Pull the wire to be inside D08 and cut off remaining wire above the knot.
Pull gently on the string to tighten the knot further.

Step 2a

Insert 1x nut through the shown hole in D08 (all the way till the end).
Use a small screw driver and insert the nut through the hole, then push the nut till the end of D08.
This step can be a little tricky.

Step 2b

Connect D09 to D08 using 1x 16mm screw. 
Please note: it may happen that the fingertip can still be turned slightly after assembly.

Step 3a

Insert D06 through the shown spot in D07.

Step 3b

Insert the assembly from step 3a to D05.

Step 3c

Place 1 x nut through the shown spot in D05 and fasten the parts using 1 x 20mm screw.

Step 4a

Place 1 x M10 spring through the shown spot in previous assembly from step 3c.

Step 4b

Insert the fluorcarbon string coming out of D08 through the shown hole in assembly from step 3c.

Step 4c

Use 1 x M08 metal rod to connect both assemblies.

Step 4d

Insert 2 x M01 ball bearings through the shown spots in D08.
Use a small hammer to push the ballbearings onto the ends of the metal rod.


You did a great job! Pib´s finger is assembled.
Please repeat this tutorial 4 times for one hand of pib´s.

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To construct the finger, you will need these printable and non-printable parts. (Please note: the table shows the amount of non-printable parts for just one finger!)

Printable partsNon-printable parts
D05-Finger_proximal_lower2 x S01 M3 nuts
D06-Finger_proximal_bracket1 x S06 M3 16 mm screws
D07-Finger_proximal_upper1 x S08 M3 20 mm screws
D08-Finger_distal1 x M08 20 mm metal rods
D09-Finger_tip2 x M01 Ballbearing_2x5x2,3
2 x M10 Spring_TOR410L
90 cm Fluorocarbon string
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