How to build pib´s forearm

We have created a simple guide that you can use to assemble pib’s forearm. Feel free to use it.

Before you can start you have to print the forearm parts as shown in the table below. pib’s forearm consists of 6 printable parts and is assembled in 5 steps.

Build it better
Build it better: our suggestion for assembling pib
Printable parts: Overview
Printable parts: Overview
Step 1
Step 1

Insert 5 x nuts in the shown spots in C18.
It may be useful to use a hammer to put the nuts into the holes.

Step 2
Step 2

Assemble C19 and C18 with 3 x 20mm screws.
Putting the screws in may be easier if you turn the assembly aroung. Make sure the nuts don´t fall out.

Step 3
Step 3

Assemble C22 and C23 with the previous assembly (C18-C19) using 2 x 22mm screws.
Please note: C22 and C23 look very similar – but they are not. Make sure you don´t mix them up.

Step 4a
Step 4a

Insert 4 x nuts into the shown spots of C20.
It may be helpful to use a hammer to put the nuts into the holes.

Step 4b
Step 4b

Insert a M08 metalrod in the shown spot in C20 till midway, then insert M11 spring, lastly push the rod till the end to fix the spring.
It may be helpful tu use a hammer to put the rod into place.

Step 4c
Step 4c

Cut 55cm of teflon tube, wrap its tip with 2 x tape (not shown in picture) and place the teflon tube in the shown spot in C20.
Lastly use C24 and 2 x 25mm screws to fix it.
Please note: both ends of the teflon tube should we wrapped with the tape.

Step 5
Step 5

Connect previous assembly of C20 to assembly from step 3 (C18-C19) using 2 x12mm screws
Please note: Do not fix it tightly as it will be dissassembled and assembled again in the “hand to arm tutorial”.


You did a great job! Pib´s forearm is assembled.

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To construct the forearm, you will need these printable and non-printable parts:

Printable partsNon-printable parts
C18-Forearm_distal_bottom9 x S01 M3 nuts
C19-Forearm_distal_top2 x S05 M3 12 mm screws
C20-Forearm_cover3 x S08 M3 20 mm screws
C22-Forearm_connector_left2 x S09 M3 22 mm screws
C23-Forearm_connector_right2 x S10 M3 25 mm screws
C24-Forearm_tube_enclosure1 x M08 20 mm metal rods
1 x M11 T460 spring
55 cm Teflon tube
2 x tape block
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