pib stands for printable intelligent bot and is a 3D printable humanoid robot anyone can build themselves. 

pib can inspire anyone.

Who is pib interesting for?


pib is an open source project for anyone interested in robotics, 3D printing and AI. We have exciting projects waiting for you!


Bring robotics and AI to your classroom with pib@school, our hands-on learning platform for young STEM talents.


Benefit from the pib.Partner Program – take on a research partnership or educational sponsorship today!

pib wants to grow.

Join us on our journey!


You want to assemble your own pib and still need the right screws, motors and electronic components? In our pib.Shop you will find complete sets with all non-printable parts required to build your own humanoid robot. Start building today!


Meet pib and the team at our regular events such as the pib.Lab and the Robotics & AI Meetup. Additionally, we are always on the road at different events and trade fairs around Germany – check out our calendar to find one near you!


Join us on Discord for a look behind the scenes of our work and the latest news about pib. Exchange ideas with other makers and 3D printing fand or robotics enthusiasts. Share your ideas and your progress!

pib reports the latest news.

Trade fairs, awards, new features and much more.

pib wants to be with you.

“We are on the brink of a robotic revolution. In a few years it will be possible to have a robot that is a reasonable member of a family or household.”

— Jürgen Baier, founder of in the podcast “The Third Angle” by Onshape

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pib around the world

If you’re working on pib, but can’t find your homebase on the map, send us a message with the name of the city you’d like to be added!

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