List of all non-printable parts

We hope that at some point there will be 3D printers with which we can print pib completely. Until then we have to buy ball bearings, screws and our electronics.

Here is an overview of all parts that are not included in the archives of our 3D printable parts:

Partnumber for pib totalNumber for torso
Screw M3x88
Screw M3x10113
Screw M3x1250
Screw M3x1622
Screw M3x1819
Screw M3x2033
Screw M3x2233
Screw M3x2525
Screw M3x3012
Mother M3578
Ball bearing 10x19x7mm40
Axial needle bearing 50x70x3mm17
Running disc 50x70x1mm17
Engine MG996R41
Engine MG92B24

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