List of all non-printable parts

We hope that at some point there will be 3D printers with which we can print pib completely. Until then we have to buy ball bearings, screws and our electronics.

To save you the time, we have created a set of non-printable parts that you can buy in our shop:

Here is a short overview of the parts that are included in our pib.Box Master:

OAK-D Lite Camera, ELECROW Touchscreen, TinkerForge Servo Bricklet, TinkerForge HAT Brick, Power supply
TowerPro MG996R, DS3225 MG 25 kg
Ballbearings and thrust bearings for finger, arm and shoulder
All different kinds of screws and nuts to hold together all parts
All different kinds of cables, connectors, wires and strings
Other stuff
Additional parts

You can get a complete set of non-printable parts in our pib.Shop.

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