Educational Robot

Shaping the Future of Education at Jugend Forscht

Starting out at the regional competition of Jugend Forscht in Lampertheim earlier this year, two talented young girls showcased a glimpse of tomorrow’s classrooms with pib, their 3D printed tutor robot. Anna, our community member Sebastian’s niece, and her friend Helena earned first prize in the “Mathematics and Computer Science” category of the “Schüler experimentieren” junior division with their exceptional work.

Innovative Teaching

What was their project?
Helena and Anna set out to explore: “Could robots step into the role of tutors?” Their objective: To construct a robot and program it to function as an educational aid for students, offering support in exam preparation and clarifying difficult topics. They designed their own pib in the form of an educational robot equipped with an AI language module. After thorough testing and feedback, the girls fine-tuned their robot to offer patient tutoring in German, English, and Math, using advanced voice-assistant technology.

Their innovation helped create a more welcoming learning environment, encouraging students to ask questions without hesitation: Their research findings demonstrated that employing the robot not only boosts student motivation but also yields positive results in tutoring.

After winning the regional round, Anna and Helena got to present their language assistant robot version of pib at the county level competition of Jugend forscht on March 15, 2024.

Drumrolls please: They were awarded with the special prize for Human Machine Interaction! 🏆🎉

Supporting STEM talents of tomorrow

What is Jugend forscht?
“Jugend forscht” and “Schüler experimentieren” are the two best-known German competitions for young scientists and engineers. The contest promotes special achievements and talents in STEM fields. The aim is to get children and young people interested in these subjects in the long term and to support them in their professional orientation beyond the competition.

We share this vision and are aiming to generate passion for STEM topics in schools with the help of our pib@school program. That is why we are specificially proud of what Anna and Helena have created and how far they have come. We’re proud to back this forward-thinking project, highlighting our commitment to educational innovation. A big thank you to everyone in the community and specifically to Sebastian and Glanzner Dynamics for supporting this innovative duo all along the way.

Congratulations Anna and Helena and anyone who was supported them on their journey – thank you for taking us on your amazing adventure!

Published On: March 27th, 2024