Ernestinum Coburg P-Seminar

Students from the Ernestinum Coburg have created their own humanoid robot in their P-Seminar on the topic of “Artificial intelligence in practice – the humanoid robot pib” for the lead subject Computer Science.

For their amazing work and innovative practices, they have now been honored with the P-Seminar Award 2022/24 on a regional basis. The competition is organized annually by the Bavarian Ministry of Culture and the three cooperation partners, the Bavarian Business Association (vbw), the Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e. V. (bbw) and the Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation of BMW AG.

What is a P-Seminar?

With the project seminar for study and career orientation (P-Seminar), grammar schools in Germany open up to the entire world of work and enable students to gain important experience for a successful career and study choice.

Students attend a project seminar in the upper secondary school (11th/12th year), which lasts for almost three semesters. Under the supervision of a teacher, they work on an application-related project, which gives them the opportunity to gain an overview of the wide range of training, study and career opportunities on offer and to become aware of their personal wishes, expectations and abilities.

pib@school inspires young STEM talents

So what exactly was the P-Seminar comprised of and how did students implement the project? In order to give a deeper insight into realistic work environments, the P-Seminar always works closely together with partners outside of the school – in this case the team. “It was impressive to see how the students not only developed pib, but also created an entire environment resembling a professional workspace”, explains Anika from the team. “They conducted the project according to agile project management principles. At each meeting, there was a daily stand-up where tasks were assigned and responsibilities were defined. They used a board to organize tasks, similar to a Kanban board, to track tickets. They created documentation, printed T-shirts, and prepared a final presentation. It was impressive to witness the dedication of the students and their professional demeanor during the final presentation. It is encouraging to see how far the students can think beyond the project itself and how successfully they can implement it.”

Sounds exciting?

If you want to bring pib to your school, check out our pib@school program!


Published On: April 5th, 2024