At the Robotics Meetup Nuremberg on Wednesday, we announced the latest news about our humanoid robot pib: We will release a new version in August of this year 🥳

What has changed from last year’s version?

✅ pib looks very different: The upper body is a lot more stylish, everything is closed up so screws and motors have become invisible and there are no more loose cables hanging around. 😅
✅ The new version is easier to assemble.
✅ It has stronger motors in the shoulders.
✅ One of our key features for pib is imitation. However, it used to be able to follow horizontal movements only. We have updated the feature and now, pib can also follow vertical mvoements.
✅ We also updgraded the electronics and are now using a Raspberry Pi 5.
✅ pib is now dockerized which allows us to install it on different software systems. Actually, a lot of people from our community were involved in the making of this during our last hackathon, so a special thanks to anyone how put in their time and effort to make this happen! 👏
✅ We now have the digital twin up and running so simulations can be done and machine learning can be performed.

So, is everything changing now? Not everything. The camera and display will remain the same. We have tried to keep the new version as compatible as possible to the old one. We are also working on the tutorials to match the new version so assembly will be easy! At our meetup, we also had a guest speaker from EduArt Robotik, introducing EduArt, the robot. After the news and discussions, we enjoyed pizza and drinks with other like-minded robotics enthusiasts.

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Published On: June 27th, 2024