Meet & Greet: First pib.Lab Nuremberg

Finally the time had come – last week we held our first pib.Lab Nuremberg ! One of hopefully many to come.

The idea behind it? pib is a community project, and a community is based on exchange and interaction. What now works without any problems online, thanks to digitization, brings a different charm to being together in person. Our pib.Lab (based on FabLab) is intended to give those interested in 3D printing, robots and AI the opportunity to screw, develop and exchange ideas on site.

Last Wednesday, isento’s internal robotics fans and a number of external pib enthusiasts got together at isento GmbH’s offices for an informal after-work event. To get everyone on the same page, there was a short wrap-up: Where do we stand after 5 weeks, what have we already learned and what do we want to improve. Then we rushed to the different stations. From 3D printing to CAD development to the construction of all currently existing parts, the participants could let off steam depending on their interests. And of course we didn’t miss the opportunity to present our latest feature “imitate me!”. A feature that has met with enthusiasm from all sides!

At our first pib.Lab, the focus was definitely on getting to know each other. Nevertheless, we have already received many helpful hints and tips from the participants, which we definitely want to follow up on. For example, there was a suggestion to move the motors for the arm from the fuselage directly into the arms. This could increase mobility enormously – an idea that we set about implementing the very next day.

By the way: A weak point that has concerned us for a long time is the stability of the shoulder. It is essential that this be increased in order to expand pib’s room for maneuver. Here, too, we have received good advice in the last few weeks, which we have already implemented and are currently testing extensively. As soon as we are satisfied with the results, we will of course let you know – you will find out more about this in the next pib.Lab at the latest!

In addition to concrete suggestions for optimization, one point kept coming up: human machine interface – or more specifically: voice control. An incredibly exciting area and definitely an extensive task. But the same applies here: we count on your input and know-how.

In summary, we are more than happy with our first community meeting in form of our first Nuremberg pib.Lab and are already looking forward to the next one! Are you with us this time?


Published On: May 21st, 2022