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Our pib@school program is growing: We are really happy to announce our new cooperation with the Ernestinum Gymnasium in Coburg.

The so-called P-Seminar course will build their own version of pib in the following months. The goal of this seminar is to gain more experience and insights in the working world and to get an orientation for their own future careers. The class will not only build their own humanoid robot, they are also responsible for organizing the whole process from printing, building and developing the robot themselves. As a result, they will learn a lot about (agile) project management, team work as well as social skills and also gain experience in future technologies like robotics, 3D printing and machine learning at the same time – a perfect preparation for a future career in STEM. We are more than happy to accompany their way through this project and will support them as much as needed.

The pib Team Goes Back To School: Welcome, Class!

As an initial kick-off we welcomed the students in our office for an introduction day. The whole day was filled with a mixture of theoretical and practical parts to prepare them for their project pib.

After introducing ourselves and what we do, we started with the marshmallow challenge, a perfect simulation to help realize how important prototyping and an iterative approach can be, followed by a short introduction in agile project management. The afternoon focused on pib, our humanoid robot, and challenges connected to the topics of AI and robotics. The students got together in groups and built pib’s hand, each group putting together one finger. With the help of a game, the students got to slip into the role of a neuronal network themselves and in doing so, learn how these actually work. Their feedback in the end showed us: This was a successul start to the project.

Learning About Robotics And 3D Printing Made Easy

We were absolutely thrilled by the engagement and smart questions of the students. We are already curious to see the final result they will present us in the end.

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Published On: April 27th, 2023