pib@school: pib Is Now Conquering Schools

We are proud to present pib’s new initiative: pib@school! After pib has already traveled to trade fairs and events, the humanoid robot is now conquering schools. The program aims to show young people in a practical way how exciting the so-called MINT professions can be, how a wide variety of topics from the classroom can be combined and topics of the future can arise from them.

New elective: All about robotics and 3D printing

It all starts at the Hans-Sachs-Gymnasium in Nuremberg, which has launched its own elective “pib – the humanoid robot from the 3D printer” this school year. 12 interested students signed up and will spend their Wednesday afternoons this school year building their own humanoid pib at school.

They are supervised by Anja Eckstein and Marc Ziener and, of course, by the pib team. At the introductory meeting, the students were already very interested, and some even have previous experience in 3D printing or programming.

We will start with an introduction to the CAD program Onshape to see how pib is created on the computer and how to create 3D print files. Of course, initial ideas for improvements or cosmetic adjustments can also be created there.

Once the files are in place, live printing is done on the 3D printer until it’s time to build.
The course is accompanied by theoretical parts that provide insights into various topics such as electric circuits, physical forces, programming languages, etc. After all, it should not only be built, but also understood and further developed.

And since pib is an open source project, students are of course also allowed to contribute their ideas to the community and help to constantly develop pib further.

A pib of your own – also for your school?

In any case, we are already very excited about which version of pib we will be presented with at the end of the school year. At least it will be colorful, that much has already been revealed.

And if the teachers or students among you have now got the desire to also build a pib at their school, then please feel free to contact us!


Published On: October 28th, 2022