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In our community you can exchange ideas with other makers, share your successes and get actively involved in the development process of pib. You have an idea how we can make pib even better? Let us know – we look forward to a lively exchange on our Discord server!

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Introducing: The pib Team And Our Community

What can you do on our Discord server?

Daily Business

Daily Business

Experience a look behind the scenes of our work and always get the latest news about pib. Exchange ideas with other makers and 3D printing fans or robotics enthusiasts. You will also get answers to all your questions about pib.

Share Your Ideas on Discord

Share Your Ideas

You have an idea how pib could work even better or what we could include as a new feature? We look forward to your input! We have already optimized some parts of pib using ideas from the community. If you want to learn more about it, just read our blog post on the subject!

Show and Tell Discord

Show and Tell

You are in the process of building your own pib? Share your progress with the community! You can upload photos or videos, ask any questions you may have or simply celebrate your successes.

Also on Discord: Our pib.Lab

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Our monthly pib.Lab is now also streamed via the Discord server.

It’s where we get together to exchange news about pib and discuss new ideas from the community together.

You are looking for our forum?

When we started out, our community was a social platform right here on our website. You may have registered here and participated in discussions in our forums. After some time we came to the conclusion that we need a new solution – and by popular request (also from our users) we switched to Discord. Discord is fast and simple – and of course free of charge. All communication now takes place on our server, as it was here on our website in the beginning. Stop by and join the fun! We are looking forward to meeting you there.

If you have any questions, you can of course contact our team at any time.