pib goes to school:

⦾ Supporting young talents in STEM fields

⦾ Communicating future topics in a practical way

⦾ Build, understand and develop pib further

⦾ Learning everything about 3D printing and robotics

pib is now coming to your school!

It has rarely been easier to get young people excited about STEM fields.

What is pib@school?

Whether as a research project, elective subject or classroom companion – with pib, students can gain hands-on, up-close experience of the topics of robotics, 3D printing and artificial intelligence.

Who is pib@school for?

pib@school offers schools throughout Germany the chance to build and operate their own humanoid robot – and even make it smart!

How does pib@school work?

Together with the teachers we create an individual plan that fits your project. We then support the implementation with materials or lectures, for example.

You are interested?

Then just get in touch with Christopher:

Christopher Kobiela
Customer Success Manager
Tel.: +49 176 44203602
E-Mail: christopher.kobiela(at)isento.de