own robot.




May we introduce: pib, a humanoid robot for anyone, created by us all.

Join our community!

pib - animierte Darstellung des Roboters
pib - animierte Darstellung des Roboters

Build your own robot.

Join our community!

pib – A Smart Robot For Everyone, Created By All Of Us

The pib project started with this vision. pib stands for printable intelligent bot and is a (smart) humanoid robot to build yourself with 3D printing.

We believe that humanoid robots will bring the next big change to society. In interaction with artificial intelligence, they will support us more and more in our everyday life, so that we can deal with topics that bring us joy. We can thus enjoy more time, freedom and security.

The robot as a helper in everyday life – a huge task that should not be left in individual hands. That’s why we created pib! Our robot project is open and offers all interested parties the unique opportunity to help shape the future.


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Make Your Robot Come Alive!

3 steps to your own humanoid robot


Join Us

We are using Discord as a Community platform. Create a free account and get in touch with our team and other makers!


Print and Build

In the download area you can download the required print templates and realize them via 3D printing. You also get an overview of additionally required tools and materials as well as building instructions.

pib collaborative development


Contribute your creative ideas! Be part of our continuous improvement process so that together we can create the best possible version of pib.

Let's Shape The Future Together!

As a community we are creating the best possible version of pib, a humanoid robot that anyone can build themselves.

Let’s Shape The Future Together!

As a community, we create the best possible version of pib, a humanoid robot that anyone can build themselves.

3 reasons to join us today

pib – be a part of it!

piblab Nürnberg


Anyone can become a part of our development process and shape the future with us.


Powered by Community

Questions, suggestions, requests: Swap ideas with like-minded people in our community.


AI Ready

pib is ready for smart trainings or programming.

What’s new in the world of pib?

Your Personal pib

Whether you're a beginner, maker or expert - anyone who is interested in robotics and/or 3D printing can join us.
We are looking forward to like-minded people that will live and continuously develop our vision with us.

Join the movement!

Robots already support us in many areas of life, but the possibilities are not yet fully exploited. We want to change that: Our goal is that one day everyone will be able to have a smart robot at home. To this end, we have launched the community project around pib – our humanoid robot.

pib offers a platform to get in touch with the topic of smart humanoid robots. Here you can download 3D printing templates for free, print parts with a 3D printer and build your own robot with our instructions. Everyone also has the option of developing their own robot further, adapting it technically and, thanks to suitable hardware, playing with artificial intelligence. Because that’s what pib is made for: print, build, develop – we look forward to every member of the maker community!

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