Upper body

Assembling the upper body and connecting it with the other assemblies should be done at the end of your construction, as the upper body connects everything together and houses the majority of the electronic parts.

In order to assemble the upper body, you will need to have already assembled the head and the arm with the hand. You should also have the following non-printable parts from our pib kit:

  • 3 20mm metal rods
  • 104 M3 nuts
  • 12 M3 6mm screws
  • 36 M3 10mm screws
  • 24 M3 16mm screws
  • 14 M3 20mm screws
  • 4 M3 25mm screws
  • 12 M3 30mm screws
  • 8 M3 40mm screws
  • 12 M3 distancers


  • Power supply
  • 3 Tinkerforge servo bricklets
  • 6 MG996R servos (double the amount for assembling 2 arms)
  • 2 DS3225MG servo (double the amount for assembling 2 arms)

We will start constructing the upper body from bottom towards the head.

  1. Connect Ribcage_helper_left-B5 and Ribcage_helper_right-B6 using 4 M3 nuts and 4 M3 25mm screws
  1. Please refer to electronics tutorial to connect a plug before inserting the power supply.
    Insert the power supply through Ribcage_middle_right-B4 from bottom.
  1. Connect Ribcage_middle_left-B3 with Ribcage_middle_right-B4 using 4 M3 nuts and 4 M3 30mm screws and connect them to the previous assembly using 8 M3 nuts and 8 16mm M3 screws.
  1. Connect 3 Electronics_hinge-B12 to the assembly from step 2 using 2 M3 nuts and 2 M3 20mm screws for each hinge.
  1. Connect Electronics_back-B8 with the hinges using 3 metal rods.
  1. Connect 3 Tinkerforge servo bricklets to Electronics_base_chest-B11 using 12 M3 nuts and 12 M3 6mmscrews and 12 M3 distancers.
  1. Connect Electronics_base_chest-B11 and Electronics_back-B8 using 4 M3 nuts and 4 M3 10mm screws.
  1. Add M3 nuts to the shown spots and connect 6 MG996R servos and 2 DS3225MG servo (located backwards) to Servo_scaffold-B13 using 14 M3 10mm screws. (Repeat this step for the other arm).
  1. Connect Servo_scaffold-B13 to Servo_scaffold_leg-B16 to ribcage assembly from step 6 using 8 M3 nuts and 4 M3 40mm screws. (Repeat this step for the other arm).
  1. Please refer to the electronics tutorial to calibrate servos before connecting the wires to them
    Pass Teflon tubes from arm assembly through specified hole in clavicle, hold these tubes on Servo_scaffold-B13 using Tube_holder-B14, Tube_holder_top-B15 and 2 M3 40mm screws for side.

    Assemble Wire_connector-CW using these parts
    -M3 16mm screw
    Assemble Wire_connector-CCW using these parts
    -M3 16mm screw
    Assemble Wire_connector_elbow-CW using these parts
    -M3 16mm screw
    Assemble Wire_connector_elbow-CCW using these parts
    -M3 16mm screw
    Assemble the wire connectors simply by inserting the M3 screw inside Wire_connector_mount_B27, then inside Wire_connector_pawl then on Wire_connector main part as shown in pictures.

    The highlighted connectors in the last pictures are the clockwise ones and the unhighlighted are the counterclockwise connectors.

    Place the wires coming out of tubes inside the wire connectors as shown, tie a knot to tighten it and tighten the ratchet mechanism by rotating the blue part (Wire_connnector_pawl) until the wire is tightened. Use Wire_connector_elbow-CW and Wire_connector_elbow-CCW assemblies with the DS3225MG servos that will pull the wire coming from the elbow and the wrist. (Repeat this step for the other arm).
  1. Close on Ribcage_middle_right-B4 with Ribcage_middle_right_opening-B17. Which fixes with a snap fit. The bottom of the part goes through Ribcage helpers than pushed into ribcage.
  1. Connect the clavicle and arm assembly from arm and hand assembly tutorial using 8 20mm M3 screws.
  1. Connect the head assembly to the upper body assembly using 6 M3 12mm screws and 6 M3 nuts.
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