To attach the head to the neck, we first screw the base to the axial_rotation_connector, with 6 M3x12 screws. 2 nuts must be put in their designated spots here, which will later be covered by the axial_rotation_connector.

Next, the neck and head base are joined. For this, 4 M3x12 screws are screwed sideways through the Central_rotator_mount and connected to the Central_rotator_connector.

The Head_motor_scaffold is attached with 3 M3x8 screws. Also, an MG996R motor goes in the Head_motor_scaffold and is attached with 4 M3x12 screws.

Now the face is connected with a M3x12 screw through a Ballbearing_10x19x7 and a Neck_motor_connector.

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