pib’s finger consists of 2 halves forming a joint. In order to assemble the finger you have to print all parts in finger printing manual and the following non-printable parts from our pib kit.

  • M3 16mm screw
  • M3 20mm screw
  • 2 M3 nuts
  • 2 tiny ball bearings
  • 90 cm Fluorocarbon string
  • 2 TOR410L torsional springs
  • 1 20mm metal rod

Firstly, we assemble the upper half of the finger.

  1. Cut the fluorocarbon string to a length of 90 cm
  2. Insert it into Finger_distal-D8 as shown in the figure below
  1. Create a simple knot at the end of the Finger_distal-D8 which fits the hollow rectangle then pull the string to tighten the knot, make sure that there is no extra length from the knot so that the fingertip can be closed
  2. Place a nut inside Finger_distal-D8
  1. Place M3 16 mm screw in Finger_tip-D7 and tighten it
  1. Place 2 ball bearings in their designated slot in Finger_distal-D8

Now we assemble the second half of the finger

  1. Attach Finger_proximal_bracket-D6 to Finger_proximal_upper-D7 with this orientation
  1. Attach Finger_proximal_bracket-D6 and Finger_proximal_upper-D7 to Finger_proximal_lower-D8 with this orientation
  1. Attach a nut in the shown designated spot and an M3 18mm screw

Finally, we assemble the 2 halves of the finger together.

  1. Insert torsional spring TOR410L in lower half (middle hole) then upper half (left hole)
  1. Insert the metal rod between the two finger halves passing through the bearings and spring
  1. Make sure the string passes through all the designated holes
  1. Insert TOR410L torsional spring into Finger_proximal_lower-D05
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