In order to construct the elbow, you will need to print all elbow parts and have the following non-printable parts from our Pib kit. The assembly consists of 2 halves that we will assemble together in the end.

  • 36 M3 nuts
  • 2 M3 8 mm screws
  • 13 M3 10 mm screws
  • 10 M3 12mm screws + 2
  • 2 M3 20 mm screws
  • 8 M3 25 mm screws
  • 2 Ballbearing_10x19x7 (medium size)
  • 2 Thrust_bearing_70x50x1
  • 2 Ballbearing_Axial 70x50x3
  • 1 MG996R servo
  • 2 20mm metal rods
  • 400 mm Teflon tube
  • 600 mm fluorocarbon string
  • T1420 Tension spring
  1. Place 12 M3 nuts in their designated spot in Elbow_servo_scaffold-C11
  1. Place MG996r servo inside Elbow_servo_scaffold-C11 and use 4 M3 10mm screws to hold it.
  1. Place M3 nuts in the shown places in Central_rotator_connector-C9 and Central_rotator_motor_connector-C15, then use 2 M3 8mm screws to connect them.
  1. Place M3 nuts inside Central_rotator-C3 then, place axial ball bearing and its thrust bearing inside Central_rotator-C3 with shown orientation.
  1. place the assembled Central_rotator-C3 from step 4 between the connected Central_rotator_connector-C9, Central_rotator_motor_connector-C15 from step 3 and Elbow_servo_scaffold-C11 from step 2. Finally connect Central_rotator_motor_connector-C15 with the servo with an M3 10mm screw while pressing everything together.
  1. Repeat step 4 to repeat an assembly of axial ball bearing, thrust bearing and Central_rotator-C7 and place it opposite to the same part from step 5.
  1. Place 6 M3 nuts in Axial_rotation_connector-C12.
  1. Axial_rotation_connector-C12 to Central_rotator_connector-C9 via 4 M3 30mm screws.
  1. Connect Elbow_shell_lower_dorsal-C13 and Elbow_shell_lower_medial-C14 to the assembled parts from step 6 and use 16 M3 screws to press them together. Use 10mm screws for the lower 8 holes to connect to central rotators and 12mm screws for the upper 8 holes to Elbow_servo_scaffold-C11.
  1. Place 2 medium sized ball bearings in Elbow_servo_scaffold-C11.
  1. Place 2 M3 nuts in 2 Elbow_joint_connector-C16
  1. Use 2 Elbow_joint_connector-C16 to connect the assembled parts to Elbow-C10
  1. Enter 2 metal rods into the shown holes till center point with a tool, then place the hooks of the tension spring and push the rods till the end to secure the spring
  1. Finally, to enable motion of the elbow you have to insert a Teflon tube beside the servo from the upper half of central arm, lock it with Tube_cover-C25 and 2 M3 12 mm screws as shown and then enter 60 Cm of fluorocarbon string through 40 Cm of Teflon tube, at last tie one end of the string to the shown hole in the lower half of central arm and tighten it by tying a knot.
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